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Established in 1927, the Carl Vinson Institute of Government is the largest and most comprehensive university-based organization serving governments in the United States. Institute experts inform, inspire, and innovate every day so that governments, large and small, can be more efficient and responsive to citizens, address current and emerging challenges, and serve the public with excellence.

Your generous gift will support:

  • The PROPEL Rural Scholars program provides students interested in rural Georgia the opportunity to work alongside a Public Service and Outreach mentor and community leaders to work on and implement relevant research for communities. The two-semester program equips future leaders with the knowledge and experience to take roles in economic development, community development, and civic leadership.
  • Through CyberArch, UGA is addressing the challenges of cybersecurity for Georgia’s communities and businesses by helping these organizations build a broader awareness about cybersecurity threats and strengthen their cyber preparation and response actions. Student interns work with organizations to conduct cybersecurity risk reviews and issue reports that include recommendations to enhance the organization’s cybersecurity posture. CyberArch trains and empowers students interested in cybersecurity careers to help meet the growing demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals while strengthening the cybersecurity infrastructure across Georgia.
  • The University of Georgia has emerged as a key player in advancing e-mobility within the state. The Institute of Government assists local communities in implementing e-mobility and electric vehicle infrastructure by providing expertise in planning for key areas such as public safety, emergency responder training, charging infrastructure, and fleet electrification.
  • PROPEL (Planning Rural Opportunities for Prosperity and Economic Leadership) launched in 2022. Through PROPEL, the Institute of Government is empowering rural Georgia decision-makers as they develop strategies for economic development and long-term economic resilience. Through coaching, training workshops, and ongoing support provided by UGA team members, participating PROPEL communities are strengthening their skills and utilizing a variety of strategies to effectively foster economic growth.
  • The Carl Vinson Institute of Government’s Georgia Data Innovation Hub convenes, trains, and
    provides technical assistance to raise the capabilities of government employees performing data analytics, data visualization, and predictive analytics. The Innovation Data Hub offers course instruction and peer learning opportunities through quarterly webinars, certification programs, and an annual conference. These trainings are designed for a variety of government employees, from data scientists and communicators to decision-makers.
  • The Georgia Workforce and Economic Resilience Center highlights UGA’s commitment to serving and empowering local and state leaders as they plan for the future of a prosperous Georgia. The center serves as a central hub for technical assistance, training, and research to support leaders across our state as they seek to tackle important community and state issues.


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