Master Planning & Visioning

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Visioning is usually done in conjunction with a master planning project and looks ten to thirty years into the future. Visioning allows communities to think farther ahead than state planning mandates require and brings the community together to consider opportunities and issues.


These can present significant challenges to local governments and regional state agencies:

  • planning for growth

  • managing natural resources

  • addressing quality of life issues

  • working to grow the economy


Collaboration builds partnerships among community and government leaders to create and implement successful plans for future successes.


We rely on collaborative, community-based approaches with significant public and stakeholder engagement to assist decision-makers in addressing these challenging issues.  Our approach is always customized to meet the unique needs of each partner and to identify

  • key issues

  • assist with collaborative decision-making

  • help with conflict resolution

  • determine the best solutions that are sustainable, implementable, and impactful