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State and local government leaders come to us for reliable, objective information, customized assistance and government expertise that provide insights into the issues they face.

State and local government leaders can benefit from insights and information that might otherwise be unavailable if not for our customized, comprehensive studies on such issues as annexation, tax and expenditure, financials and local government consolidation.

Local Government Video Resources

Understanding Georgia Service Delivery Strategy Agreements

Understanding Georgia Service Delivery Strategy Agreements

23-minute tutorial: This tutorial enables you to recognize the significance of SDS agreements, understand the history of SDS agreements and how they are made and identify the requirements of SDS agreements.


State & Local Government services:

Performance Measurement

Performance measurement is a useful information tool for tracking work processes and outcomes. Our faculty, with performance measurement expertise, can work with your local officials to develop customized quantitative measures and data collection systems. These systems can address operational issues now or contribute to long-range planning.

Organizational/Department Reviews

We work with city and county managers to assess individual departments or entire local governments to assist them with assessing their operations and identifying opportunities for enhanced efficiency and improved performance. We develop a practical and comprehensive understanding of each organization we study and offer our clients pragmatic recommendations and opportunities to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. Our clients have included both large city departments and entire rural county governments.

Intergovernmental Agreement Assistance

Intergovernmental Action/Agreement assessments encompass a range of studies that help your local government build and maintain successful partnerships with other governments.

Information Technology/Record Management Reviews

Information technology is an ever growing part of successful local government operations and community engagement.

Local Government Consolidation

Our faculty are recognized nationally for their customized services to local governments that are considering functional or full governmental consolidation. We identify and evaluate service delivery issues for cooperation between governments through a functional consolidation. This provides officials with objective, detailed information for decision making.

Annexation Studies

We provide financial impact analyses of the potential annexation of unincorporated land located adjacent to current boundaries of a city. Fiscal impact analyses estimate potential accrued revenues to the city and additional acquired costs through providing services due to annexation.

Long-Term Financial Analysis

A Long-Term Financial Analysis (LTFA) provides an independent look at current financial issues facing a government. The LTFA assists decision-makers in crafting a plan to meet the community’s needs without sacrificing the government’s financial future. An LTFA includes three primary reviews: Revenue Forecast, Expenditure Forecast and Gap Analysis.

Tax & Expenditure Analysis

We can analyze the impact of tax policy changes and potential changes in revenue. We also maintain the Tax and Expenditure data center. This website contains historical financial information for cities, counties and school systems.

Capital Budget Planning

We help local governments develop their Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). This multi-year planning instrument is used by governments to identify capital projects, their funding options and anticipated costs. The CIP is an implementation plan for the construction, maintenance and renovation of public facilities and infrastructure over a five year timespan.

Pension & Benefit Analysis

Our faculty have conducted multiple policy studies examining public-sector retirement reforms.

Ordinance & Charter Reviews

Our faculty work with your local government and your legal counsel to review and craft local ordinances. These ordinances address a range of complex issues, including land use, taxes and organizational structure.

Staffing Studies

We review your city or county department’s workload and performance measures and those of comparable governments to assess appropriate staffing needs. Initial actions consist of an overall review of positions and respective responsibilities, services and activities.

Water & Sewer Rate-Setting Technical Assistance

Our team can assist your local government in setting utility rates that meet the objectives of your community.

Criminal Justice and Behavioral Health Collaboration

Individuals with a mental illness and/or substance use disorder make up an increasing share of jail and prison populations. We can work with your community to understand how these individuals come into contact with the criminal justice system, where the opportunities for diversion exist, and how collaborative efforts may reduce future involvement.