Toolkits and Other Resources

Toolkits and Resources

Since the Workforce and Economic Analysis Units creation in 2015, our team has worked on a variety of topics and created a number of toolkits and resources. This page contains a list of reports, case studies, videos, and more on workforce topics from experiential learning for high school students and teacher externships to community workforce planning and alignment. While some of the resources listed on this page were developed for specific clients, we feel that it is important to share them publicly so others may benefit and learn from them as well. 

If you have any questions about one of the resources, please feel free to email us at workforce@cviog.uga.edu.

Workforce Planning Guide

2022 Georgia Workforce Planning Guide

This document lays out a step-by-step process and worksheets that communities can utilize for local or regional workforce planning efforts. The Workforce Planning Guide was developed through a partnership between the Carl Vinson Institute of Government and Georgia Power.


Decision TreeExperiential Learning

View the decision tree document, high school experiential learning document, keys to success graphic, and case studies.

Alignment ToolkitAlignment Toolkit

View the Georgia Alignment Toolkit, which provides resources for connecting education and business.


Pipeline SnapshotAdditional Workforce Resources

View pipeline snapshots, case studies, and the teacher externship video.